Control options for HDanywhere systems

Our clever universal IR remote app

uControl is the new IR remote app from HDanywhere, included free with all MHUB 4K PRO systems. Offering a beautifully simple option for AV system control* in every room with zero programming.

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

Download control packs using DASH

Tell MHUB's what source and display devices you have and which ports they are connected to. MHUB's operating system, DASH, will then download those commands from HDA Cloud™

Install uControl on your mobile device

Search for uControl on the App or Play store and download it to your mobile phone or tablet. The app will automatically find your MHUB in seconds.

Get controlling

uControl will pair and sync all settings from your MHUB and set the app ready for use. All your downloaded commands will be ready to use. Turn on/off your TV, change channels on Sky HD. Easy.

1. Looks great on small phones and tablets

uControl intelligently redraws itself depending on which device you using. If you use a small mobile phone, for example, it will only draw the most important controls first.

2. Familiar design

uControl builds on the success of HDA Control (now with well over (2000 active downloads).

3. Support for up to 8 zones or display locations

uControl with full IP2IR control works on MHUB 4K PRO systems and is available in a simpler format (source switch only) on MHUB 4K (III).

4. Display control with volume adjustment

You can control your TV's and projectors with uControl. Control goes both ways, backwards towards all your source devices connected to MHUB and forwards towards your TV.

5. Gesture control

Two finger swipe down to pause, navigation control and "ok" is all supported by our gesture control pad. One input type does it all keeping the user interface clean and simple.

5. Great design

Choose between light and dark themes and select your own photos to act as the background. uControl is customisable to your tastes. The user interface also redraws itself to best suit the source device. Sky HD displays 28 buttons, NowTV only four. No wasted buttons and no confusion.

uControl in action

Zero programming

Dillan introduces MHUB's operating system, DASH, and shows how easy it is to download control commands from HDA Cloud™ for Sky+HD and Apple TV.

Control MHUB, Source & Displays

uControl was at Europe's largest AV exhibition, ISE, in Amsterdam, and won LiveInstall's best control solution of the show.

Other options for control are also available from 3rd parties

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