Multiroom HD Product Selector

Spec Your System

How many displays do you have in your home?

MHUB sends TV all around your house. MHUB supports up to 8 displays.



A HDMI source is any HDMI device that you want to share around your home. If your satellite, cable box, games console, on-demand device, bluray or even CCTV system has a HDMI port, it will work with our systems.


How far is the furthest display from your MHUB?

All MHUB's are future-proofed and support common 4K/UHD/HDR resolutions. Some of our systems can go further distances than others, which statement best describes your home?  Remember this isn't a point to point measurement, you need to measure exactly where you want the cable to run.


How close is the nearest display to your MHUB?

If all of your cable runs are under 40m away from MHUB then you may be able to connect to some displays using a High Speed HDMI cable instead of CAT 6 cabling, this is providing you have one or more TV's within 15m distance of the MHUB. There are some limitations to this but it can mean saving money on your MHUB system.


Special features

MHUB's have some special features which can help to determine the most suitable system for you. Do you need any of the following:


Sending audio to external speakers

MHUB can extract the audio from your HDMI source and send it to external speakers around your home. Would you like your system to support: