Have your system fitted by a HDanywhere Pro

Professional installation services

Find a pro to install your HDanywhere system for you

Pros install your HDanywhere system & cabling

Pros cater to a range of budgets

Pros offer additional smarthome services

Why hire a Pro Installer?

A Pro installer can create a fully integrated smart home that’s been thoughtfully designed to meet you and your family’s needs. Having a HDanywhere video distribution system professionally installed should help to guarantee the system’s long-term performance and ensure that it blends neatly with your home decor.

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Your installer can also do...

Whole-home audio

Smart lighting

Intelligent heating


Tips for choosing a Pro installer

1. Have a brief ready

For example “I’m renovating my home and want to watch my SkyBox and Apple TV in four rooms.”

2. Have a rough budget planned

Be realistic and open about your budget when choosing a professional installer. Consider which part of your home tech setup you’re willing to spend the most and least on.

3. Check out your installer’s credentials and previous work

Look out for membership of organisations like CEDIA and also look at some case study images to get a good idea of the quality of your installer’s projects.

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